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A specialised department


Without being exhaustive, OPYSIS has acquired, in particular, an expertise of more than 25 years with some of the largest and most influential companies in the fragrance and flavor sector, for which it conducts international studies, thus improving the consumer insight of its clients and the resulting arbitrations.


Fragrance & Flavour

Perfume and aromas are everywhere!



Whether in fine or ambient perfumery, in cosmetics, home care products, personal hygiene, linen care and of course in all food products... perfumes and aromas seduce, reassure, impact our moods and strongly influence consumer behaviour.

How to find the fragrance or the aroma that will make the difference with consumers?


This is the challenge of the missions we are entrusted with.



We accompany our clients from the search for a relevant concept with high potential, to the validation of the choice of a fragrance or aroma, through research on consumer expectations.



To reach this objective and to meet our clients' expectations as completely as possible, we conduct classic studies such as CLT, HUT, Focus Group, ... but also the Hypnotest capable of identifying the intensity of the consumers' relationship with a fragrance or a flavour.


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