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Groupe de soutien

A multidisciplinary team
totally dedicated

Opysis is a true international community of men and women who are experts in their field, who know perfectly their native country, the expectations of their market, the consumer habits, the cultural and sociological particularities of the consumers.


They are specialists in qualitative and quantitative research, consumer insight and opinion polls. They are sociologists, ethnologists, anthropologists, psychoanalysts, statisticians, moderators, neuroscientists, university researchers, political scientists, sector consultants, economists, etc.


All our collaborators are chosen for their skills and above all for their state of mind. For each project, we select a project team that perfectly matches, competent and motivated by the project.


Joining the Opysis team means joining our community, participating in societal and/or environmental projects, being a force of proposal so that our world becomes healthier every day, good for the planet and the people.

Les personnes travaillant dans Open Office
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