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Keys to successful studies

After decades of experience around the world, it has become clear that traditional polls and tests tell you what voters or consumers don't like, and hopefully what they might vote for or buy the first time. In no way do traditional tests answer the essential question: will my candidate, product or service create a strong and lasting relationship with my target?


The bias comes from the fact that there is an abyss between a declaration of intent and an act of purchase, vote or adhesion.


For several years, we have explored over and over again all the avenues that have enabled us to build tools that help us better understand the choice of a voter or consumer, which is both conscious AND unconscious. 


The best way to observe what a consumer is really going to buy, subscribe or vote for is to put him in the conditions of a real choice by making him drop the filters of the conscious.


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Support your development and be part of your of your team

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OPYSIS is above all the place where profiles as different as sociologists, ethnologists, statisticians collaborate and thus create relevant studies.

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Challenge our comfort zones to transform simple studies into decision support tools.

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Better observe the consumers to better understand them and better transmit to you how to satisfy them. 

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Offer to our clients the possibility to conduct studies all over the world with the same quality standards.

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