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Plantation d'arbres


OPYSIS specializes in consumer insight in more than 20 countries and, as a result, has an intimate knowledge of the needs of local populations. Not being able to remain indifferent to the world in which it evolves, Opysis has naturally decided to be an ethical company, totally committed to the preservation of nature and human beings. 




Through our internal training center, we give priority to hiring, upgrading and developing people who have dropped out of school or come from underprivileged backgrounds, in all the countries where we operate. 


Respect of the environment

In the process of certification, all our teams are aware of the need to reduce energy and water consumption, we recycle all our waste, including the samples entrusted to us by our clients, and we devote part of our profits to supporting virtuous actions in the four corners of the planet.

Emballage durable


ToGetEarth Fundation

For each study entrusted by a client, a part of the budget can, upon request, be donated to support the TogetEarth Foundation.

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